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Print it at home on your own printer or have it printed at a printshop. It prints 2-sided on a legal sized paper (8-1/2" x 14").

We have designed this FREE brochure resource as a tool for individuals or churches to print and/or send out as a reminder for Christians to honor God with their votes during every election. God has a lot to say in His Word about the issues we face today, and we need to be responsible to honor Him in how we cast our vote.

Honoring God with your vote

Download the FREE PDF file of the brochure

Order a CUSTOM

brochure with your contact information for $50.

How to PRINT and FOLD the brochure

1. Download the brochure with contact information on the back panel for FREE.


2. You can order a customized brochure with your own contact information on the front and back panel for $50.


You can:

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Helpful Resources


A Comprehensive Voter's
Guide for your state and area:

American Family Association

Family Research Council

Candidate Voting Records

Intercessors for America

Center for Arizona Policy

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